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True Compounding is a sister store of True Pharmacy and handles our compounding needs.

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What is compounding?

Compounding is the pharmaceutical art and science of creating personalized medicine. At True Compounding, we understand that a “one-sized fits all” approach leaves many patients without adequate options.

Our compounding pharmacists can tailor a prescription to the exact strength required by the individual patient, and make it in a dosage form that is easy for the patient to use. This may allow the patient to comply better with the dosing instructions, resulting in a more positive experience and treatment outcome.

Benefits of Compounding

Ever tried to get a cat to swallow a pill? This probably scarred both you and the cat for life.

Compounding can eliminate this kind of stressful scenario and allows smooth administration of medication. Along with our furry friends, many children require differing dosage forms such as solutions or suspensions. Pharmacists are able to transform tablets or capsules into easy to swallow liquids and add yummy flavoring. Ingredient allergies commonly pose a problem for pediatric patients, however, patients of any age may require the avoidance of certain dyes, additives, or preservatives. Medication can be compounded in such a way that specific ingredients are eliminated. Another benefit of compounding includes extending access to medication that has been discontinued by manufacturers. Due to lack of use in the general public, manufacturers may decide to stop the production of certain medications. Unfortunately, this leaves many people without the treatment they require. Pharmacists are able to continue patient therapy by using FDA approved pharmaceutical powders and recreate the discontinued medication. No matter who the patient is or what the need is, compounding benefits all patients whom traditional therapy has failed.

Our Specialties



Are your hormones out of balance? Use Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement to get your body back on track.



A compounding pharmacist can help make medication time easier and less stressful for your child – and you!

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Medicating pets presents unique problems that often are best dealt with through compounding.



Due to its variety of patients, dentistry is an ideal arena for compounded medications.



We would love to work with you and create a formulation specific to your patient’s needs.